Be careful what you wish for

At the beginning of last week my anxiety levels were through the roof and I was drowning in a to do list that was a mile long. Here I was trying to do everything at once: sell two properties, get a subdivision over the line so the properties can settle, finish a unit and pack up the house for the move all whilst holding down a full time job.   No wonder I felt exhausted! 

Then the break that I so desperately wanted was forced upon me. Although being stuck in bed unable to move for 5 days was certainly not what I had in mind! I was getting dressed for work Wednesday morning when my back seized and the excruciating pain left me unable to move. In hindsight I should have  called an ambulance instead of eventually shuffling to the bed and calling the GP.  The GP gave me anti inflams and pain killers and sent me home to rest. I’m sure you know by now I make a terrible patient. I hate when my independence is taken away from me and I have to rely on someone else for the most basic of needs. After a trip to ED, lots of sleeping, and lots off drugs I am finally on the mend.  

This little bump in the road has made me realise that I need to take better care of myself, both emotionally and physically. 

A big thank you to Brad for being a life saver this week I would not have got through the week without him. 

Onward and upwards