Following my gut feeling.


For months now I have had it in my head that I have a tumour growing in my knee. With the persistent aches, pain and swelling I believe I have good grounds for thinking this. The specialist is of the opinion that the pain is stemming from the back surgery and although she has a much better idea of these things than me, my NF diagnosis has taught me to not be complacent with symptoms. If it wasn't for the swelling, I would totally agree with the specialists logic is that nerve pain doesn't cause swelling. In following my gut feeling I have spent the last six months fighting to have a MRI of my knee. My persistence has paid off and today I am in the radiology department waiting to go through to the "torture chamber"! 

I must say that was one of the better MRI's that I have had. For the majority of the time my head wasn't in the tunnel, eliminating the claustrophobic feeling that I often experience.

The specialist had a look at the scans however as she is a neurosurgeon I have to wait for the report before I admit defeat (something I rarely like to do, in this case I am looking forward to it!).