My hydro equipment  

My hydro equipment  

I strongly believe that a big part of my speedy recovery was due to all the time spent doing hydrotherapy. 

Hydrotherapy allows you to experience increase range of motion and joint mobility by doing exercises that you would not be able to do out of the water due to the impact and the warm water helps to alleviate pain. 

Getting into the pool is like a little touch of heaven. No matter how much pain I am feeling, on entering the pool I feel instant relief and the stress of the day just melts away. 

Working at a rehab facility, I had the good fortune of being able to use the pool everyday from 7 weeks post op. Even now, almost 5 months post op I still do a hydro session twice a week, one at work and one at the local pool. The emphasis is now on building core strength and strengthening my right leg (the side where the nerve pain occurs).  Although I have returned to Pilates I am still unable to do anything that causes impact so the pool is still my number one way to maintain any sort of fitness. 

A big thank you to Fleur, Wendy and the MDP patients for letting me joint their class on a Friday (a highlight on my work calendar-never a dull moment!) and to Brad who comes with me every Sunday and makes me push hard to get the results I need.