Random Act Of Kindness



According to Wikipedia 'A random act of kindness is a selfless act performed by a person or people wishing either to assist or to cheer up an individual person or people.'

Our world is far from perfect, every time we watch/listen to the news we are reminded of this. Every now and then the kind deeds of others restores my faith in humanity. 

After reading my latest blog entry (noisy restaurant) my aunty emailed the Victorian Deaf Society to see if there was anything that could help me in this situation and then forwarded their response to me. I cried when I opened the email (happy tears!). I was so touched that someone had put themselves in my shoes and had gone out of their way to find suitable solutions for me to overcome this situation in the future. A huge thank you to you Joy for both your idea to write the blog and now this random act of kindness, words can not describe how grateful I am.