6 monthly MRI.....


I wanted my blog to be a positive and uplifting experience for the reader. Third post in and already I am posting on a negative experience....it's hard to put a positive spin on having an MRI. 

I could imagine that the experience would not be pleasant for anyone but for someone like me with sensitive ears even the thought of the noise made by the machine is enough to make me break into a cold sweat and want to run for the hills. 

I awoke the morning of my appointment feeling highly anxious, my first "six monthly MRI" had arrived far too quickly. To add to my stress levels I had to drive myself to the radiology department. Anyone that knows me can tell you that I do not drive in the City!  After overcoming dramas with road closures and car parking I entered the radiology department with only minutes to spare.  I was taken straight through to the change cubicle and changed in such a rush that I forgot to get my ear plugs out of my hand bag, the first thing to get the nurse off side. The second came shortly after when I asked her about sending the results of the scan to my GP. I was told that it was there policy to not give out the results unless the GP requests them...despite me giving my consent. WTF...they are my results! Knowing that my outpatient appointment is still three weeks away  was enough to start the tears forming. I was disappointed with the lack of compassion that the nurse showed, she was just there to do her job. Patient centred care was far from her mind. 

As I entered the machine, I lay there, cage over my face, head phones on (I often wonder why they bother to put music through the headphones when you can't hear it over the noise of the machine), the flood gates opened. Although I am not claustrophobic, the experience is still daunting.  It wasn't until I heard a male voice asking if I was ok that I realised there must have been a camera inside the machine...oops!  That same compassionate voice asked me regularly how I was going throughout the scan....the longest 50 mins of my life.

Now the anxious wait for the results begin. Reality is, the tumours are slow growing but that doesn't help me stress over the "what if's"....it's going to be a long week.